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Foundation Leak Repair In Fort Worth And North Central Texas

Foundation Leak Repair In Fort Worth And North Central Texas

Fort Worth Plumbing and Your Home 

Many homes are connected to Fort Worth water systems. When your home was built, water pipes were laid to transfer water from and sewage to lines at the street. When the slab (usually concrete) is poured, it encases the water lines.

Soil shifts that affect your home’s foundation also affect your water lines. Over time, stress can cause breakage or leaks.

Two Types of Foundations 

Older homes generally have more slab leak problems, but leaks can happen to any property here in Texas. If there’s poor drainage around the house or if a builder used a less-than-knowledgeable plumbing contractor, even new homes can have foundation leaks.

The two most common types of foundation we use in Fort Worth and North Central Texas are:

  • Concrete – After the water lines are installed, a large wooden frame is filled with concrete and reinforced with rebar. This forms your home’s foundation.
  • Pier & beam – Concrete beams and wooden posts may be used to situate the house aboveground. Elevated homes are usually built atop a crawl space. This provides easier access to water pipes, but elevated homes are often more expensive to cool and heat.

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Signs You May Have a Foundation Leak 

One way to confirm you have a foundation leak is to turn off all taps and water-using appliances. Then check your water meter. It should have a leak indicator that moves slowly when water is being run. You should then call or contact your Fort Worth plumbing company.

Signs of foundation leaks include:

  • Floor “hot spots”
  • Flooring/wall cracks
  • Foul odor (sewage)
  • Moisture/mud accumulation outside
  • Moldy/mildew smell in one area
  • You hear water running (when it isn’t)
  • Your water bill increases

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Selling Your Fort Worth Home

Home prices have skyrocketed over the past several years, which makes selling your home an attractive proposition. However, savvy buyers will bring in a foundation engineer who will assess the health of a home’s foundation. 

Knowing that a slab leak repair can cost up to $10,000 or more, the new homeowner will not want to be on the hook for this type of repair. If the home inspector brings up foundation issues in their report, the buyer will likely negotiate the selling price down.

There are two things that you can do:

  • Have a professional foundation assessment performed by a qualified plumber such as Staggs Plumbing or even a dedicated foundation engineer. If there are no issues, you can use this at the negotiating table.
  • Or you could have the repair fixed. Many homeowner policies cover the detection and repair (of the foundation), and you will have to come up with the insurance deductible – this will certainly be less than the prospective buyer asking for a $10,000 reduction in price!

There’s one thing that never changes here in the Fort Worth area of Texas: extreme weather. We have heat waves like no other state. Then we have buckets of rain dumped on us so fast and so heavily that the streets flood.

When combined with the high clay content in our soil, extreme weather takes its toll on foundations. The ground under our homes’ slabs expands and contracts over the years. This can lead to water leaks from foundation movement.

If you suspect a water leak under your foundation, don’t wait. Call (972) 379-4000 or contact Staggs Plumbing.


Foundation Leak Repair

Your Staggs Plumbing professional will find the source of your water leak. If the repair can be done outside/underneath the home, that’s the best option. We will tunnel under the foundation to fix the pipe.

Repair inside the home is messy and inconvenient, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. We work “from the top down” to dig a hole into the foundation and repair the pipe.

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover most or all of the repair. We’ll work with you to keep your out-of-pocket costs minimal.

Saving Money Matters to All of Us

Your home is likely your biggest investment. It just makes sense to protect it from damage. A small foundation leak today can add up to an expensive repair later if you wait.



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