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Having access to gas for cooking, heating, and the comfort of your family is a great advantage. But working with gas lines is not a safe job for an inexperienced homeowner. Unless you are trained and certified in this type of work, it can be dangerous to the well-being of your family and property.

Gas line services in Dallas, from installations and replacements to maintenance and repairs, should always be done only by a professional plumbing and heating company in the region. Rely on Staggs Plumbing to offer this kind of trustworthy work in your house or business.

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I recommend Staggs Plumbing 100% My phone call was answered by a friendly and extremely helpful young lady. The guys that came out to do the job were Marco and Gregg. They were both very professional and respectful. They explained everything they did thoroughly and easy to understand. I will definitely be using this plumbing service again.
- Dalia George
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Expert Gas Line Installations

You shouldn’t hire just any plumber to install or repair gas lines. This type of service needs to be performed only by a professional and licensed plumber in the area. In fact, your family’s health and well-being depends on the quality of the work of the plumbing service. The right plumbing company should pass rigorous training and testing requirements.

When it comes to the task of gas fitting, the quality of the work plays a big part. The efficiency and capabilities of your gas line system depend on the experience and skills of the plumbing service that installs it. When you call Staggs Plumbing, you will be relieved to discover that our specialists will provide the highest level of workmanship in installing and testing your system.

Expert Tips
- Randy Staggs
Maintaining a safe and efficient gas line system is crucial for your home or business. As an expert in gas line services, I advise you to schedule regular inspections and maintenance to prevent potential leaks or hazards. Additionally, always be cautious of any unusual gas odors or hissing sounds, as these could indicate a gas leak. In such cases, immediately evacuate the premises and contact a professional gas line service provider like us in Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, or beyond. Your safety is our top priority!
- Randy Staggs

When to Call for Gas Leak Repair

Time, improper installation, poorly-maintained appliances, improper ventilation, and other factors can cause a leak or cause pipes to break, rust, or crack, and it is often impossible to detect there is a clear problem without professional inspections.

It is critical to be aware of any occasion where your gas line has been having trouble. Gas lines located both beneath or above the surface are prone to corrosion throughout the years, and a leak could have deadly consequences. Just a few side effects of slow-leaking gas include nausea, dizziness, headaches, vomiting, fatigue, memory loss, sinus pain, and respiratory problems.

To protect your family and friends from these severe consequences, it’s important to call us at the first sign of a problem. Do not delay!

If you think you have a gas leak:

  1. Evacuate your house or office: make sure everyone is safely out of the building.
  2. Do not try to find or fix the leak: gas leaks require professional help. Not only can a professional efficiently detect and repair gas leaks, but they can do so while considering safety protocols and ensuring that your home or commercial property is not further damaged. 
  3. Call a professional.

Call Staggs Plumbing immediately if you notice any of these signs of a gas leak:

  • Dead grass or vegetation – Even though you can’t see underground gas lines, a rough patch of dead vegetation may be a sign that you have a leaking gas pipe underneath.
  • Mist or fog – If there is an unusual cloud of white mist or fog surrounding your property, it could be an indication of a ruptured gas line, and you should contact your gas company immediately.
  • Hissing or unusual sounds – Hissing sounds near your gas line typically means you have a substantial leak. If you hear a hissing sound by your AC, it could be a leak in your valve, refrigerant line, or a bad compressor. Turn off the system and contact a professional to check it out, since strange sounds coming from your HVAC system are usually warnings.
  • Rotten-egg odor – Utility companies use a chemical called mercaptan that gives odorless and colorless gases a scent similar to sewage, sulfur, or rotten eggs. You might have a gas leak if you notice a rotten egg smell in your home.

Assuring Your Safety with Regular Gas Line Maintenance Services

Gas pipes are generally safe. However, it can produce severe safety hazards if any gas leaks from the gas supply lines. If a gas leak isn’t discovered and fixed, the consequences can include fires, indoor oxygen deprivation, and the release of carbon monoxide byproducts. Therefore, to maintain the safety of your home, it is essential that you schedule routine maintenance to assure optimal performance.

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