Why is My Water Heater Leaking?

Are you trying to deal with water leaking from your hot water heater? Learn why it might be happening and how to fix it with this blog. There are several different causes for a leaking water heater, including worn-out parts, clogged drainage lines, and improper installation. A few of the most common causes are discussed below.

Water Heater Leaking

Water Heater Leaking? Be Proactive

Leaks are one of the most common issues homeowners face regarding their hot water heating systems. If you’ve noticed a leak or two around your water heater, it’s important to understand exactly what might be causing them and how to fix it.

Most people don’t often pay attention to their water heaters until they start having issues. One common issue that can arise with water heaters is leaking. It can be quite frustrating when you discover your water heater leaks, especially when you don’t know what might have caused it. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the reasons why your water heater might be leaking and what you can do about it.

Age of Your Water Heater

One of the most common reasons water heaters start leaking is their age. After several years of usage, the internal parts of the water heater can begin to degrade. This can cause the metal tank to crack, which leads to water leakage. In most cases, repairing an old water heater is not feasible. It’s best to have it replaced with a new one. Before you do, though, make sure you get a professional inspection. Here at Staggs, we always have your best interests at heart.

Excessive Pressure

If the pressure gauge on your water heater reads high and continues to rise, there’s a chance that it might burst, causing water leakage. The pressure buildup is typically caused by mineral deposits that form inside the tank over time and build up enough pressure to crack the tank. To avoid such situations, it’s crucial to have your water heater regularly serviced and drains flushed.

Damaged or Worn Out Parts

Another common reason for water leakage in your water heater is worn out or damaged parts. Excessive corrosion or buildup can cause leaks in fittings or pipes, whereas a broken valve or faulty temperature relief valve might cause water to escape through the unit’s overflow pipe. Regular maintenance of your water heater can help you identify and fix these issues before they escalate.

Poor Installation

Poor installation can also lead to water leaks in your water heater. If the unit isn’t installed correctly, it may cause the pipes or fittings to come loose and cause water leakage. To avoid this issue, it’s recommended that you hire professionals to install your water heater and ensure that they’re licensed and experienced.

Environmental Factors

Lastly, environmental factors such as constant changes in temperature and humidity levels may cause your water heater to corrode and leak. Living in an area with hard water could also lead to mineral buildup, which may cause issues with your water heater. To prevent these issues, it’s important to service your water heater regularly.

Contact Staggs Plumbing to Get Started

A leaking water heater can cause a lot of damage, so it’s essential to address the issue as soon as possible. Knowing the reasons why your water heater might be leaking and what you can do about it can help you save time and money in the long run. Regular maintenance and servicing of your water heater can help you prevent issues and ensure that it runs effectively for years.

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