When Should I Call a 24-Hour Emergency Plumber in Dallas?

While plumbing is one of the most important systems in our home, it is often the most overlooked – until a problem occurs. However, many homeowners do not know if the issue warrants a call to an emergency plumber immediately to prevent further damage or have time to schedule a repair. 

Emergency Plumber

The following are seven examples of emergency plumbing situations: 

  1. Flooding – One of the biggest plumbing emergencies anyone can experience is flooding, which can be caused by either a pipe burst, failed sump pump, water shut-off valve failure, or a failed sump pump. Flooding can significantly damage your belongings (e.g., home goods, furniture, and valuables) and even your home’s structural integrity (e.g., foundation, floors, walls, sealings, and important systems). If you notice any flooding in your house, call an emergency plumber right away. 
  2. Overflowing toilet – While a clogged toilet can be resolved relatively quickly, an overflowing toilet is an emergency. An overflowing toilet can be caused by either a simple issue or something very serious. While waiting for the plumber to arrive, shut off the water on the toilet and let all the occupants in your home know to avoid flushing it. 
  3. Burst or leaking pipes – Damaged pipes allow a substantial amount of water to enter your house all at once, which can quickly lead to flooding and extensive structural damage. While some pipe bursts are obvious—such as damage to an exposed pipe behind your toilet or under the sink—other types of pipe damage are more difficult to find. If you notice water seeping from the floors, walls, or ceilings, you might be experiencing a broken pipe. 
  4. No hot water – Whether you are taking a shower or washing your clothes or dishes, you need your water heater to be in good condition. If you believe your water heater is leaking, this could be an emergency. First, check the drip pan to see if your water heater is leaking. If that is the case, shut off the cold-water line, turn off the heater itself and the water to your house, then call a plumber. If the pan is empty, then schedule an appointment to have a plumber inspect the situation. 
  5. Slab leak – While slab leaks are more difficult to detect than other emergency issues, they can be just as damaging. If you notice the sound of running water underneath the floor, or any cold or hot spots on the ground, these signs could mean you are dealing with a slab leak. 
  6. Sewage backup – The sewage system removes all the waste from your home. However, when the sewage line is backed up, all that waste can be returned up to your pipes and reenter your home. Common signs of sewage backup are unpleasant fumes and odors, as well as contents reappearing in your sinks or appliances. These issues can pose a serious health hazard. 
  7. Multiple clogged drains – While one clogged drain can be resolved by using a plunger or waiting to call a plumber during regular business hours, having multiple drains warrants a call to an emergency plumber. Multiple clogged drains can be caused by a blocked or damaged sewer line. 

Whether it occurs in the middle of the night or during the weekend or on a national holiday, our experienced and licensed plumbers at Staggs Plumbing are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to handle any type of plumbing emergency. We are ready to return your home to normal and give you and your family your comfort and peace of mind back. 

If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency and need a 24-hour plumber in Dallas, TX, call Stagg Plumbing at 972-833-8660 or fill out our online contact form today to let us take care of the issue immediately!