6 Great Reasons To Live In Plano TX

If you are thinking about a move, Plano deserves your consideration. The school system there is among the best in the nation, living clean and green and spending a lot of time in the great outdoors is encouraged, and the city consistently is among the lowest in the nation in crime and unemployment rates. Listed below you will find 6 top reasons to live in Plano, Texas, which is routinely recognized as one of the best places to live in America.

reasons to live in plano tx

1 – Plano, Texas is a “Green” City

There has been a move to a “greener”, more economically friendly way of living during the early part of the 21st century. People are realizing that our resources are not limitless, and that we have to take care of the planet for our families, and future generations. WalletHub ranked Plano as the 65th greenest city in America as of 2015.

There is plenty of access to economically friendly products like solar water heaters, eco-friendly dishwashers and other consumer electronics that minimize your impact on the environment. Being ecologically responsible is taught in the classroom, and recycling is encouraged. Out of the more than 20,000 cities in the United States, that places Plano in the top 3% in the nation.

Plano has implemented a water conservation program to avoid water shortages as experienced in 2014. Homeowners are encouraged to have their indoor and outdoor plumbing fixtures (faucets, toilets, spigots etc) checked for leaks by a reputable plumber. Preventing leaks not only lowers your water bill, but helps preserve our natural resources.

2 – Consistently Low Unemployment Rate

Although Plano, Texas is the 65th largest metropolitan area in the United States, the city consistently boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. Larger cities generally have high unemployment rates. That is certainly not the case in Plano, which had a just a 3.4% unemployment rate in 2015. That places Plano in the top 10% of the nation for employment. This is one of the many reasons the city was designated “The #1 place to live in the Western United States” by CNN Money magazine in 2005, 2006 and 2011.

Plano also ranked as the 2nd easiest place to find a job in the United States in 2016, according to The National Association for Business Economics. (Nearby Irving, Texas ranked #1, meaning there is plenty of work and career stability in the area.)

3 – Very Little Crime

In 2010, Forbes Magazine rated Plano “The safest city to live in America with a population greater than 250,000.” In 2013 the city rated the second lowest in the United States for violent crimes. The city consistently ranks in the top 5% or 10% of all US cities for safety, and low crime rate.

4 – Plano Is a Great City for Families

Each year, Livability.com publishes a list of the top 10 cities for families in the US. More than 2,000 cities are graded. Year in and year out, Plano, Texas earns high billing as the perfect place to raise a family. Livability ranked the city as the 2nd Best Place For Families in 2015, citing a number of factors such as economy, education, health and wellness, and both current and future standards of living.

5 – It’s a Great Soccer City

Thanks to the many impressive soccer complexes spread throughout the city, Plano is home to one of the best soccer environments in the United States. It ranked as the 2nd best soccer city in the entire nation at Livability.com in 2012, with some of the best facilities and most passionate soccer fans.

6 – Your Kids Will Love Plano

Plenty of well-run, well-maintained, first-rate soccer facilities are one reason why your kids will love Plano, Texas. In general, the families that live in Plano work hard to give children as many opportunities (and fun times) as possible. In 2014 the city hit another Top 10 Livability list, as the 5th Best City for Kids in the entire United States. They referred to the city as “one giant playground” for children, with surfing, hiking, petting zoos, nature preserves and a wide variety of sports fields, gymnasiums and other child-oriented venues.