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Clogged Toilet Services In Lucas, TX

Clogged Toilet Services In Lucas, TX

Clogged toilets are one of the most common plumbing problems in the Lucas area, and they can lead to quite a mess if the clog is not removed carefully. When you need the help of an expert to get your toilet flowing properly again, turn to our team at Staggs Plumbing.

We have been serving Dallas and the surrounding communities since 1990, and we are equipped to handle your most difficult plumbing, drain, and sewer problems. We offer toilet clog removal, drain cleaning, and more, as well as complete bathroom and kitchen plumbing services. As a family-owned company, we offer exceptional service and quality, and we are happy to help with all your home plumbing needs in the Lucas area.

Avoid the mess and hassle of a clogged toilet. Call our experts at Staggs Plumbing for fast service anywhere in the Lucas area. Dial 972-379-4000 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!




What Causes Toilet Clogs? 

Clogged toilets can occur for a number of reasons, from poor toilet designs to flushing foreign objects or just plain bad luck. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Too much waste or paper at once
  • Low water levels in the toilet tank
  • Restrictions due to aged pipes and waste accumulation
  • Damage to drain pipes or the toilet itself
  • Poor flow from early water-saving toilet designs
  • Flushing foreign objects like paper towels, hygiene products, or toys

Even a well-maintained toilet that is used properly can clog occasionally, but usually, the problem is minor and rectified quickly. For help with toilet clogs in the Lucas area, call Staggs Plumbing at (972) 379-4000 or visit us online.

Removing Toilet Clogs in Your Lucas Home

Many toilet clogs can be solved at home using basic tools. A plunger can often remove all but the most stubborn clogs, simply by placing it over the drain, compressing, and releasing it a few times. Other clogs can be removed by placing hot water in the bowl and allowing it to soak, sometimes overnight. Baking soda or vinegar can be added, but do not put boiling water in the bowl, as it may crack the porcelain. Using a pipe snake is generally a bad idea, as it can crack or damage the toilet, though a specially designed closet auger may work if you have one.

In general, if plunging does not work, it is best to call a professional for help, such as our team at Staggs Plumbing. We have the tools and equipment to remove the clog safely, without damaging the toilet or the drain pipes. Pipe snakes, chemical drain cleaners, and other methods all have the potential to cause damage, leading to expensive cleanups and repairs.

To learn more about our drain cleaning and clog removal services for your Lucas home, call (972) 379-4000 or contact us online.


How to Avoid Toilet Clogs

To prevent toilet clogs, have your plumbing and drain system inspected every year or so and avoid flushing anything by waste and toilet paper. The following items are especially likely to cause toilet clogs and should never be flushed:

  • Paper towels, napkins, and other paper products besides toilet paper
  • Diapers, baby wipes, or “flushable” moist wipes
  • First-aid, shaving, dental, or hygiene products
  • Keys, jewelry, toys, or other foreign objects

For more tips on keeping your drains clean and flowing properly, call (972) 379-4000 or contact our experts online today.



Why Choose Staggs Plumbing for Clogged Toilet Services in Lucas?

At Staggs Plumbing, we are equipped to handle the most stubborn toilet and drain clogs, using methods like hydro jetting that are quick, reliable, and safe for your plumbing system. Our company has been serving the Dallas region for over 25 years and we feature licensed, experienced plumbers, an A+ BBB rating, and quotes for all our services.

Call (972) 379-4000 today or contact us online to schedule clogged toilet services anywhere in Lucas or the surrounding areas today!


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